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Create and deploy the intelligent digital twin of your organization, in days, not months.

Create your dataflows

Customize your own pipelines

Drag and drop, connect and visualize your entire data pipelines, predicting and optimizing your KPIs along the different steps of your entire process, no matter its complexity.

Simulate your entire flow

Validate your models

Customize and visualize scenarios

Data integration

Integrate and combine different data sources, from offline excel and .csv files to online data from sensors or API connectors.

AI Prediction & Validation of the models

Through AI nodes, models are trained by the user to learn from the company's data and predict information selected, such as an efficiency or quality parameter.

Visualize your data

The product visualization capabilities transform information into vivid graphics, providing a seamless and insightful evaluation, store a wide variety of process data, including critical process parameters (CPPs), critical quality attributes (CQA), and other key variables.



Data transformations

This nodes allows you to modifiy the stucture of the dataset, allowing spliting, cleaning, joining different.

Custom code

Customize the logic of nodes, according to your specific business or processes needs.

Simulation mode

Using the model trained with company data, the algorithm seeks the optimal configuration to achieve the company's objectives (costs, quality, and sustainability)

Want to see more?

Want to see more?